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Updated availability as of Monday, 30 March 2020:

I’m more or less booked, except for the odd hour here and there, until the middle of April.

Special note at 18:00 on Monday 30 March: my internet connection has been struggling for some days. The usual, solid 30 Mbps is wobbling down to figures like 20, 6, or 0.5 (yes, less than one). I have, of course raised the issue with the provider (www.eolo.it), and the response has not been good. At the time of writing I have been waiting two days for a response, and the telephone system almost invariably rejects my user code (and with copy-and-paste, I know it isn’t mis-typing). Googling has suggested that they have been having a nation-wide problem. I did get through once and heard a recorded message, essentially blaming the situation on the coronavirus. There may be some truth in that, of course, but there are ways of handling a bad situation. Putting updates on their site might be one idea, don’t you think?

Anyway, the long and short of it is that if the situation gets even worse I may have difficulty sending and receiving e-mails. Rest assured that I at least am doing my best to find work-arounds such as mail forwarding. I will keep this note updated regularly.

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