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My early working years were spent mainly as an engineer, but also as a teacher and lecturer in further education. My primary qualifications are:

  • Engineering Degree from Christ Church, Oxford (BA/MA)
  • PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) from Leicester University
  • M.Phil., Leicester University (the Department of History and Phenomenology of Religion)
  • In 1988 I took Engineering Council Part II Examinations
  • MITI – (full) Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

In 1990 I went to live in Hamburg (a wonderful city, may I say), where I worked for over six years as an Electronic Design & Development Engineer at Schaltex GmbH. (The company has since changed hands.) I was also Vice President of Kagyu Benchen Ling e.V., and for three years gave my spare time to the management of its Summer Camp in Alsace. That gave me plenty of experience of both technical and everyday German. I moved in the autumn of 1996 to north Wales to concentrate on full-time freelance translation from German to English. Since then I have lived not only in the UK but also in West Cork, Ireland, in Australia, and have spent time in Italy.

Some of the material I have translated over the past few years has been general, much of it technical, and much of the technical work has been related to electronics, computer hardware and software and automation.

I use a PC running a variety of word-processing software under Windows 7. I use MS Word 2007; Excel 2007 is also available, but work under software that does not interface easily with Word is subject to special arrangements (i.e. higher fees). I work a lot under SDL Trados (I have Translator’s Workbench 2007 and Studio 2017).

Having mentioned fees, I normally charge using the standard system for German, i.e. per line of 55 characters (including spaces). Negotiation is, of course, possible.