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Abominations – or just neologisms?

There are those with neither taste nor an appreciation of language who are now using “onboarding” as a word. The usual is “employee onboarding”, but we also have “country-onboarding”. That one seems to have been invented by German speakers, but it sadly appears to be finding its way into English.

The company that offers its help in this process (a company not of “consultants”, one may note, but of “resultants”) will be useful to you, because they will shorten the time needed to get to the “go-live”. 

I reasearching this I also found the noun “hire” being used in the sense of an employee. New hires have to be onboarded, it would appear.

Spit, foam and stab is all that I can say.

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  1. Fips says:

    Saw this ugly thing for the first time today and was surprised to find it brings up several million hits on Google – and most of them from the English-speaking world! But aside from being a new buzzword for consultants to play with, I can’t imagine it catching on in any meaningful way.

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