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New look website

Refreshing this website, simple as it is, was overdue. Most of my customers, actual or potential, I’m sure, would be looking at the website on some kind of desktop screen, so perhaps being mobile-friendly is not that important, but these days it seems really old-fashioned not to be mobile-friendly. But these changes are always a fiddle, so I had been putting it off.

But with a change of hosting service, moving from Australia to Europe, something went wrong in an admittedly very small corner of the presentation. I decided to bite the bullet: the website is not complicated, by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s now got a new theme, a new look, and been slightly reorganised.

The content is almost unchanged, although I have clarified the best ways of getting in touch with me. The biggest change is to the note on my availability. Years ago I had tried to use a twitter-feed to update it, but for one reason or another that only worked sometimes. At that time it was a “widget” in the right-hand sidebar, and when I abandoned the Twitter-based method I left it where it was. But with the more modern presentation, the “right-hand” sidebar can equally well appear underneath. I’m trying to follow the motto of “don’t make your readers think,” so it now has its own page, and that page has an entry on the menu which is easy to find. You can also directly bookmark that page to use for quick reference, if you like.

Less tangibly, I think it just looks nicer now. The header picture by the way is a Birmingham skyline, and I must confess that I nicked the original from the Birmingham Post and Mail before doctoring it for my purposes. If that august publication has any objection, I’ll find something else!

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