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Perpetual Motion Patent Application

Just so that we can remind ourselves that patents are not always what they are cracked up to be, I could not resist throwing light on US 20120161564 A1, which declares itself to be a “Device and Method for Recycling Energy”. Let me quote part of the opening paragraph directly:

“The device includes a battery, motor, and generator. The battery powers an electric motor, which in turn powers the generator, which then simultaneously re-charges the battery and powers external equipment. With this feedback loop, the system sustains itself, while at the same time powering an external device, and requires no fuel or connection to an external power source to recharge the batteries.”

In other words, it’s a perpetual motion machine. A young would-be technologist should be well aware by the age of about 14 that this can not fly. We can rest assured that the application will never be granted – I think the term we would see is something like “conflicts with established physical principles”.

But I can’t help but wonder how it came into being. I looked for clues, like a priority date of April 1, and I put the applicants names into anagram finders to see if they came up with something like “ha ha fooled you”, but failed to find anything. Is it a student prank?

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